Inner Sailor Soldiers Paper Cottage Box - Free & Printable

Hello :) This time I have a great pleasure to present you my Paper Cottage Boxes with the "Sailor Moon" manga/anime characters :) Please enjoy the Inner Soldiers known also as: Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus. Each of them has their own cottage house ready to print, cut, fold and glue in a few places. Each of cottage houses has dedicated colours and symbols of specific Sailor Soldier.

In Sailor Mercury (Ami Mizuno) cottage box I used water bubbles graphics. As Ami is a knowledge genius I decided to use books to decorate her cottage box. This is why you may also find some books lying down in a few corners. 

In Sailor Mars (Rei Hino) cottage box the major colour is intensive red/orange as Rei's symbol is fire. Rei is an independent spirit and also a shinto priestess. I used mandala graphics as meditation is important for Sailor Mars. I kept also Crows silhouettes of Fobos and Deimos :)

In Sailor Jupiter (Makoto Kino) case I used graphics of red roses and light thunders. Physically strong Makoto is very romantic inside. She loves flowers and her dream always was to have a flower shop. Major colour is green here.

For Sailor Venus (Minako Aino) cottage house I used symoblic hearts and chains as a main graphics. Minako's cottage box is full of love as Venus is the goddess of love and passion. The major colour is yellow/gold here.

In a short time I should prepare more Sailor's Cottage Boxes. Next will be Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino and also Chibusa-chan :) I hope you will like this series. Have a nice evening :)