Sailor Moon & Sailor Mini Moon Cottage Box

Hi there :) This time I would like to show and share with you my latest works :) Please enjoy Sailor Moon alias pretty Princess Serenity and also her largest nightmare/daughter - Chibiusa in Sailor Mini Moon outfit :)

In Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity  (Usagi Tsukino) cottage box I used pale pink colours. The major symbols are bunnies and silver crystal. Princess Serenity in her white dress looks cute and bright. We can also see the cat Luna sitting next to Usagi.

In Sailor Mini Moon (Chibusa Tsukino) I used stronger pink colours. Major symbols are hearts, Pegasus silhouettes and also LunaP - Chibiusa's favorite mascot :) Also, we can see Diana cat sitting next to Sailor Mini Moon on the cottage box.

Hope you will like these cottage boxes series :) I encourage you to work with these printables and print/cut/fold/glue them :)

Have wonderful Sailor's fun!